Are cinder blocks still made? Cost, Size and comparison

So, in this article we will try to cover everything about cinder blocks; Are cinder blocks still made? cost, Size and comparison.

Are cinder blocks still made? yes, as they are easy to use and saves a lot of time, these blocks are made to satisfy the needs of the customer. But we can’t expect there will be a huge growth in the cinder block industry. Despite these downtrends in the market, we can use them for small residential buildings, retaining walls, and gardening purposes.

What are cinder blocks?

fig.1 cinder block
  • Cinder blocks are hollow rectangular construction blocks, which are made from a mixture of Portland cement and an aggregate of cinders from the burned coal. A coal pulverizer is used to grind burned coal and then the ash is run through Vibro sifter before it’s mixed with portland cement.
  • The name “cinder” came from the cinder coal ( fully burnt coal) Cinder blocks are light in weight and have low density when compared to other types of blocks.
  • The Ash component present in the block makes it much lighter, but the cinder blocks don’t have the same Tensile strength and load-bearing capacity as conventional blocks.
  • So, these blocks are mostly ignored in many projects because a lot of codebooks prohibit the use of cinder blocks due to poor tensile strength and weak structural integrity, but we can use them in small residential buildings walls, retaining walls, and gardening purposes by introducing steel bars.

Are cinder blocks still made?

With the question Are cinder blocks still made? Yes, there is limited supply and according to reports these blocks are outdated and will not be available in the future; So Due to advancements in the field of concrete technology, we are now using other lightweight blocks like AAC blocks, CLC blocks, etc…

Manufacturing of cinder block

  • Cinder block is also a type of hollow concrete block.
  • So, the manufacturing process of the cinder block is the same as Hollow concrete blocks but the only difference is, we have to change the aggregate type from sand and stone to ash/cinder.
  • The Standard mixture of cement, Ash aggregate, and water are taken and pressed with the help of a hollow block making machine which contains various mold sizes. So based on different mold sizes we will get various cinder blocks.
  • After 24 hours of air-drying these blocks are kept in water tanks for curing purpose, and they will be removed after 2-3 weeks and used for the construction work.

Dimensions and cost of cinder block

  • Common nominal dimensions of 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” wide by 2”, 4” and 8” high and 8” or 16” long
  • Cost depends on dimensions – INR 85 ( US $1.5) to INR 210 (US $3)
Are cinder blocks still made? Cinder wall
fig.2 Cinder block wall

Advantages of cinder block

  • There is no need for dressing work
  • Cinder blocks are light in weight
  • Not many skills are required to install the blocks
  • Thinner walls are possible which gives more carpet area
  • The Blocks are bigger than bricks, so require fewer joints and mortar, which in turn saves a lot of money.
  • These provide better insulation against heat, sound, and dampness.
  • There is no need for plastering

Disadvantages of cinder block

  • These blocks can make it difficult to reach electrical, plumbing, and pipes in an emergency.
  • Cinder blocks have become an outdated material because of poor tensile strength.
  • Over time, cinder blocks have become so expensive due to lack of availability in the market.
  • The blocks don’t withstand the forces of nature properly and require regular maintenance.
fig.3 laying of Cinder block

Cinder block vs Concrete block

In the cinder blocks ash is used as an aggregateIn concrete blocks sand and stones are used as an aggregates
Cinder blocks are lighter in weightconcrete blocks are heavier in weight
These cannot withstand higher loads due to less tensile strengthThese are much stronger and can withstand heavy loads
Used in small projects like garden walls, etc…Used in large construction projects
The overall cost of cinder blocks are more because these requires a lot of repair work.Concrete blocks require less repair and costs less

So, now you will be able to answer the question that we asked at the start; Are cinder blocks still made? Let us know in the comments section

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