step-by-step construction of RCC building

Building Construction Process and stages of building :

Our first question is 

Is building construction process is easy ?

I say yes! because when you construct any Rcc structure process is same but challenges at site may different.

So In this article we teach about following :

1. Pre-construction Process

2. Building Construction Process

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1. Pre-construction process :

Let’s discuss this Pre-construction process with small story ;

• There is a person named Raju . He wants to construct his dream house

    but there is no plan and workers to do.

building construction process

He went to the consultancy services for plans and drawings

They follows certain procedure :

a. site layout and soil profile :

Visiting the site or plot and checking whether the dimensions , plot area and also testing the soil stability for withstanding heavy loads.

site or plot


figure showing plot

 b. Requirements of client

This is an important aspect to consider and take opinions of client. ( Here Raju ).

like : how many rooms he want and any specific art or design he wants.

c. Starts Design and plans

group of people

It’s time for Architects and structural engineers to design accordingly in specific time and Finally The design has to satisfy the client

d. Drawings

After finalising the design they were drafted into sheets and given it to the client.

plan of building



Now Raju has building plans with him ;

but how is he alone constructing the house ?

No, he can’t do it alone

Then he has two options to go with

Builder or Contractor :

This person has group of people who works for him and here total cost is based on area of the plot and time.

group of coolies :

They are experienced in constructing houses and their wages are based on daily basis and we have to guide them till the construction of house.

Both parties gave their Estimated Time and budget.

Finally Raju decided to to approach builder. ( your’s opinion matters here, choose wisely )

Also in this stage there will be government approvals and taxes but here we are not considering them.

After all this struggle ; work will start in few days …….

2. Building Construction Process :

In the construction of any residential or Commercial buildings there were certain stages where Structure goes on,

house on plot


Picture showing process from Empty site to a house

They are :

a) Clearing stage and markings

b) Foundation and plinth level

c) Framed structure

d) Lockup stage

e) Fitting stage

f) Completion stage

Now we discuss in detail about each stages in construction :

a) Clearing stage and markings :

In this stage the site is cleared and uneven surfaces are removed for ease of work and Stability.

Now according to plan, Layout is done



Marking foundations

b) Foundation and plinth level

excavation of soil for foundation carries based on Size of footing.

After that PCC (plain cement concrete) is poured in to the pit and left for curing.

pcc bed in footing

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What is curing ?

Curing of concrete is defined as providing adequate moisture, temp , and time to allow the concrete to achieve the desired properties.

Reinforcement is kept on top of pcc for footing and column.

types of footings

Shuttering is provided to hold the concrete in the correct shape After concrete is poured in to the pit according to Type of footings

Footing is cured for at least 7 days on site.

footing reinforcement

Next a Plinth beam is used to connect all the columns to evenly distribute the load that is coming from top floors.

plinth beam

Based on plinth level structure is divided into :

Sub-structure:   below the plinth beam or underground structure

Super-structure:  Above the plinth beam or plinth level

c) Framed structure:

All Columns, Beams, Slabs and stairs are known as framed structure.

These are skeletons of the structure

framed structure

After plinth beam,

Columns are raised to the height of first floor as per drawings and cured for full attainment of strength

because the concrete should only be subjected to loading after 28 days or it attains its full strength

curing of column

After curing of column,

Centering and shuttering are laid for construction of slab, beams and Stairs.

In the same way the process continues till the final floor.

 This is known as framed structure. It is the most time consuming part of building because of it’s attainment of strength.

slab shuttering and centering

d) Lockup stage :

It’s at this point where you can literally start “locking up” the property because your windows, doors and remaining walls will be installed.

It’s also safe for plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers and other workers to begin fitting out the property.

brick on building


Walls were constructed

e) Fitting stage :

Plumbing, electrical (including lights and power points) and other fixtures and fittings will be installed.

The design features that make the property a home will also be added such as cornices, tiling, cabinets and shelving, reveals and architraves.


f) Completion stage :

This is basically where all painting, installations and detailing have been completed.

painting house


Building Painting

After all these steps and process of construction

finally Ready to move into the house !

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