Types and Best roofing sheets for house

In this article, you will get to know the best roofing sheets for house, but we have to know the reason behind why roofing sheets? There is a significant change in the roofing sheets industry because of two reasons. One, the market growth of industrial applications in India. Secondly, consumers being dissatisfied with the available conventional options and looking for more value for their investments in roofing sheets.


Top 10 New Green building materials

The uses of Green building technology in the residential sector are increasing significantly due to the rising number of building regulations and making the policies for mandating energy-efficient buildings. In some countries like China and India, they are already facing environmental issues, so the government is trying to give some incentives for energy-efficient buildings.


Advantages and Disadvantages of AAC blocks

It is obvious that any material has its own advantages and disadvantages. particularly with AAC blocks, the people have not used it and blindly believe in what others say. So this article removes your confusion about; whether these aac blocks are suitable for residential buildings or not!

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AAC Blocks manufacturing process

It is a form of cellular concrete and low-density cementitious product of calcium silicate hydrates in which the low density is obtained by the formation of microscopic air bubbles, mainly due to chemical reaction formed inside the liquid mass.