Fiber roofing sheet for a home- FRP roofing sheets

Is fiber sheet for home roof is advisable? Read the entire article to know more about FRP or fiber roofing sheet.

In recent years the trend of roofing sheets is increasing due to more economic considerations and durability for a long time. But there are many types of roofing sheets available in the market, so how you choose the best material for your house? Is the FRP or fiber sheet for home roof is advisable or not?

what is FRP?

  • Full form of FRP is “Fibre-reinforced polymer” or “Fibre-reinforced plastic”
  • FRP is a composite material made from a polymer and reinforced with fibres.
  • The polymers are mostly epoxy, vinyl ester etc,.. and fibres are glass, carbon, etc…
  • FRP’s are mostly used in the marine, aerospace, automotive and construction industry.
  • The original plastic without fibre is known as Matrix, which is tough but a weak plastic, so the matrix is combined with fibre reinforcement to obtain greater strength and elasticity.
  • FRP mainly involves two processes; the first is the process where fibre is manufactured and formed and next, the fibrous material is bonded with the matrix.

fiber sheet for home roof is advisable?

fiber sheet for home
  • Yes, we can use FRP as a roofing sheet, these are also used along with the galvanized sheets or other roofing materials to allow uniform diffused light.
  • The fiber sheet for home roof is available in various options based on sizes, color, and opacity (Opaque, Transparent, Translucent).
  • These FRP roofing sheets are easily installed similar to conventional roofing sheets ( like GI sheets, Asbestos, etc…)

Application of FRP Roof Sheet

  • Factories: The sheds are protected by introducing FRP sheets on the rooftop.
  • Swimming Pools: swimming pools are covered with the help of FRP as they allow light to pass through them.
  • Warehouses
  • Cold storages
  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Open to sky areas

Alternate roofing materials

In my view, the usage of RCC roofs, GI roofing sheets, and asbestos-cement sheets for roofing purposes are still capturing the market and are here to stay for many years. The other types of roofing sheets available in the market, like; Corrugated roofing sheets, polycarbonate roofing sheets, metal roofing sheets

types of roofing sheets

Specifications and cost of FRP

MaterialFRP, fiberglass,…
FeatureTamper Proof, Durable Coating, Corrosion Resistant, Water Proof
BrandsTATA, Angel Industries,…
Application AreasDomestic, Industrial, commercial, etc…
TypesDesigner Corrugated Sheets Fiberglass Mesh Wire Roofing Sheets 
ColorRed, Green, Multicolor, Black, Blue, etc…
DimensionsThickness: 0.8-10 mm
• Width: up to 1260 mm
• Length: up to 11800 mm
CostRs 650 / Square Meter to Rs 950 / Square Meter based on Quality and Size of the material.

Advantages of FRP roofing sheets

FRP roofing sheets
  • Fiberglass roofing sheets give more natural light than other types of roofing material.
  • Fibre roofing sheets are used as a decorative material that enhances the beauty of the roof.
  • The strength and plasticity of fiber-reinforced plastic sheets is more and can withstand certain loads
  • They have a longer life period in cold regions.
  • They are easily installed and helps in saving a lot of time for contractors and also homeowners.
  • It won’t warp, rot or decay from exposure to moisture or succumb to corrosion, insects, mold, or mildew.
  • It is highly corrosion-resistant, it won’t rust when it’s exposed to harsh weather and chemicals.
  • FRP weighs up to 75% less than steel but is equally strong, FRP structural members are stronger than many sheets of steel in the lengthwise direction.
  • Fiber sheet for home roof is the best choice for many reasons
  • FRP has low thermal conductivity, so it’s a good insulator.
  • It has good impact resistance means it can keep its shape through heavy handling and usage.
  • It’s transparent to the radio, radar, and antenna transmissions.

Disadvantages of FRP roofing sheets

  • While installing the FRP or fiberglass, the nails have to be driven properly because it may damage the surface of the roofing sheet.
  • The maintenance of FRP is not easy because they require specific materials to fill the crack and the maximum service life is not more than 30 years.
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