Ferrocement ppt- Properties, Materials, Applications, Disadvantages

Ferro means the reinforcement or iron and the cement is the binding material. Ferrocement ppt- Properties, Materials, Applications, properties, etc... The development of ferro cement was started in the early 19th century but most of the research about ferrocement has happened in recent two decades after ACI (American Concrete Institute) included in its code books.


Green roof systems- Are they exist?

Green roof systems are modern roofing technology which can solve many urban constraints that are quite problematic in many countries. So, In this article, we try to cover more information about Types of green roof systems, layers of green roofs, Advantages, and Disadvantages of green roof technology.


Plastic Roads- Future of Road construction?

As the plastic roads in India have been tested and are giving positive results. This technology was initially developed by an Indian engineer. So to know more about him and the theory behind this also advantages, and disadvantages of plastic roads, read the entire article carefully.

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Modular construction In India

Modular construction is defined as a construction methodology that is partially built in the manufacturing plant, then bringing prefab components to the site, and installing on the foundation, after which the rooftop, exterior, and interior finishes were completed.