site engineer is best ? Responsibilities and salary ?

Site engineers are either works at construction site or any other Highway sites, railways and other infrastructure projects . They have to do various Tasks at site which they are responsible for.

Types of Site engineers

civil site engineers : Engineers who have good knowledge in construction of structures and maintenance.

Mechanical site engineers : Engineers who are capable of handling mechanical equipments at site.

Electrical site engineers : Experts in handling big power projects or any other problems related to their engineering field.

So there is a need to know everything about site engineers.

In this article we will discuss about civil site engineers, which is similar to all types of site engineers. Just Follow us through out this article

On site engineer

Site engineer is part of site management team who is responsible for checking the site work with actual drawings and also ensures that work will be completed in scheduled time.

If the work is delayed or not done properly we have to report the site manager and actions will be taken accordingly.

There are also other responsibilities of site engineers ,

Roles and Responsibilities of site engineer

If you want to become a site engineer these are main things you have to focus and master on.

1. site work

Civil engineering field is dynamic in nature and every day we have new challenges on site. So we have to act and take actions accordingly.

we have to prepare reports and drawings for on going projects and discussed with site manages, designers to take further actions.

2. Health and safety

At construction site we are dealing with heavy machinery and building materials. So there is a chance of accidents at the site.

who is responsible for safety of workers ? Are you !

There may be other officers who take care of safety at large projects but as an engineer it’s our primary duty and responsibility to ensure safety of workers.

This can be solved only by educating workers, about usage of helmets, shoes, gloves etc… This shows how important health and safety at construction site.

3.Quality Management

In every Project, Quality is our main perspective. Because any structure or building we are constructing now is utilized by people and deals with life.

So this makes us more Responsible !

For large constructions there may be a separate engineer for quality checking and maintenance.

4. Communication and Leadership skills

Being a site engineer, we have to communicate with workers instructing and guiding them.

Also If we want to discuss any other Issues with our higher officials communication plays a major role.

Because he has to understand what we are telling otherwise issues are not resolved.

Qualification of site engineer

Education : Diploma in Civil Engineering (or) B.Tech from Recognised university.

For freshers sometimes it’s hard to
find a job. Because most of the companies want experienced persons.

So my best suggestion for you is  ;

If you are in college Do more internships at site for better Qualifications and Experience.

Resume for civil site egineers

For getting any job your first Impression matters the most. For site engineers there is some patterns to follow.

At the start in job search you may not get any call letter from companies, but don’t stop your attempts.

For making your work easier I am providing some sample Resumes here below. Also a website which provide an idea of what to write and mention in Resume based on your experience.

Visit this website for more information : click here

Top companies recruiting civil site engineers In India

  • Hindustan Construction  Company
  • L & T
  • DLF
  • Tata Projects
  • Gammon India
  • Sobha Developers Ltd.
  • Shapoorji Pallonji & Company
  • Unitech
  • Nagarjun Construction Company
  • Punj Lloyd  etc….

Basic salary for a fresher

Companies like l & T (Larsen and turbo) pay 4–5 lakh per annum to fresher but getting job in l & T is not that easy. L & T generally hire from college on basis of gate score.

Most other private companies hires at 8000–10000 per month.

I know what you are thinking. This is less salary, but a civil engineer is valued based on experience and skills he have.

Scope of site engineers ?

In civil engineering experience matters the most.

So in the very beginning of your career you might face less pay but later in this field there are huge opportunities.

There will be promotions up to project manager based on level of experience and skills you have

My suggestion for you , Never stop learning because we have new challenges everyday.

graph of a civil engineer
{ Experience vs salary }

Jobs for site engineers

If you don’t get job in your campus placement or lost your job

Don’t worry I will help you !

There are large number of sites posting job notifications daily.

I will mention some of the websites below . So that you can visit website and apply based on your interest.

Website NameLink here
Naukari.comClick here
monsterindia.comClick here
freshersworld.comClick here
shine.comClick here


From all of these discussion we have to come to a conclusion that site engineers are needed for easy and successful completion of any project.

In the coming future there will be huge change in Infrastructure of the world. So Be patient and never lose your hope.

Thank you for reading this blog, I hope this article Answered all of your questions.

comment your thoughts or any questions below !

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