best civil engineering software list 2020

In the early 1900s, there was no software, and people used to draw elevations and sections on papers that used to take a long time. Now Due to advancements in technology, we have different software for respective in this article, we will provide information about the best civil engineering software list 2020 in civil engineering fields and their read this entire article.

civil engineering software list



Drafting is used to draw floor plans, elevations, sections, detailing of RCC, etc. For all practical purposes (e.g., design, construction, inspection, etc.) 2D drawing sheets are printed and distributed.

Important Soft-wares used for this work are (Autocad 2d and 3d) Autodesk, Autocad rebar.

Note: Here, {(X)Y} “X” represents software name and “Y” represents software developer or owner.

For downloading soft-wares visit the respective sites and choose plans accordingly. For students Autodesk gives 3 years free license, so prefer Autodesk products only. Others take a free trial period and if you like their service subscribe to their plans.


3D modeling has two primary purposes. The first one is to ensure accurate design and construction. The second purpose is to validate aesthetic appearance.

Next 3D BIM is used to model and transfer information quickly between different design disciplines into a single structure thereby reducing workflow.

The difference between a 3D-model and a 3D BIM-model is that a 3D-model only contains geometry. This means that it only contains shapes and dimensions. BIM stands for Building Information Modelling.

Softwares Preferred For Only 3D Modeling Are 3ds Max, Shapr3D, Sketch Up (30 Days),

so for BIM: (Revit arch) Autodesk

Note: Also one important thing different companies prefer different software, so before going for an interview or job check for their software preferences and learn accordingly, and for students who are in the graduation stage learn at least one software from the list.

Title: best civil engineering software list 2020


A civil engineer cannot be called a civil engineer if you found weak in this area. Isn’t it? After the development of software in this area, it became very easy to analyze and design any structure. The software mainly used are

Softwares: (staadpro)Bentley, (etabs, sap2000) CSI, (Revit structures) Autodesk

STAAD.Pro is the structural engineering professional’s choice for steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, etc..


A strong foundation is needed for anything to be stable and in civil engineering, without foundation, there are no structures are built on. so it is very important to analyze the loads which are acting on foundation, the following software is preferred.

Softwares: (safe)CSI and (staad foundations)Bentley

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Right estimation is a critical skill for any business.

If your estimate is quite high, you will not be able to meet the competition, if your estimate in too low, you will not remain profitable.

Striking the right balance is needed for working in the civil industry. Below are the tools you must know

Soft wares preferred are (MS excel) Microsoft and (Blue beam revu estimation) Blue beam

Excel is one of the most powerful software for Civil Engineers. It helps in maintaining bills, making graphs, scheduling things for a project, calculating sizes of beams and columns, etc.

Title: best civil engineering software list 2020


Civil projects are high in resource volume and labor activities. As a civil engineer, you will get a chance of managing construction sites sooner and the use of suitable tools is the key to success.

Softwares: Primavera(oracle), (Ms projects) microsoft


Now let us take a quick glance at other civil engineering software list in the different civil engineering fields.

  1. For the design of highways and road connections, MX road is used it is a software developed by Bentley and widely used.
  2. Geotechnical engineers based on their purpose, For research they use (Plaxis) Plaxis; For consultation purpose, they use: Geo5 and Geo studio
  3. For GPS/GIS surveying, we prefer Arc View/ArcGis and GeoMatics
  4. Water systems design, for designing Sewer model Kanall++, and to design Water distribution network Aqua ++ are used.
  5. Also, there were new soft-wares for Green building design, In my view learn Ecotect (which was undertaken by Autodesk)

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so Based on your availability and profession choose software wisely and learn accordingly, because it is very important for a civil engineer to save time and it is possible with the help of present technology.

Thank you!

Comment your thoughts on this, also mention some of the other software options that are helpful for other engineers.

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