How ready mixed concrete plant works?

The ready mixed concrete is concrete that is manufactured in a batching plant using set engineered mixed proportions. The ready mixed concrete helps us to Increase efficiency in the construction works.

Ready mixed concrete

RMC is manufactured in a batching plant according to the design mix given by the engineers. These design mix proportions are set according to the environmental conditions and strength requirements.

If you want to know the difference between the Nominal mix and design mix – Click here


Ready mix concrete is normally delivered in two types namely in a plastic state and dry state.

In the plastic state the concrete batching will be done at some other place, which is a stationary plant, and then transported using barrels or transit mixers.

ready mixed concrete

In a dry state, the concrete batching will be done at the working site using a portable batching plant.

The design mix of both the processes is the same but the quality of the stationary RMC plant is more precise and accurate.

Based on the need of people both are very useful, the portable version is used by those who shift their sites more often.

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Manufacturing of ready mixed concrete

  1. The concrete batching plant process starts when the aggregates are fed into the Individual bins.
  2. Based on the size of the aggregates they are thrown into separate bins, then weighed according to the quantity of the design mix, and they are transferred into the mixing unit.
  3. Now, from the silos, cement and fly ash is transferred using a screw conveyor belt. water and Additives are stored in separate tanks and these are transferred by the pumping mechanism.
  4. Above the mixing unit, there are weigh hoppers to measure the weights of cement, fly ash, water, and additives. Then according to the set engineered mix design the weights are calculated and transferred into the mixing unit.
  5. After mixing for a specific time as per the given design mix, the mixer will discharge the concrete into a transit mixer or concrete pump.
ready mixed concrete, RMC plant, mixed concrete

Advantages of ready mixed concrete

  • In the RMC plant, concrete is produced in a controlled environment.
  • The transportation and placing of concrete is easy.
  • At the site; pollution due to dust will be reduced.
  • Ready mixed concrete uses bulk cement instead of bagged cement.
  • High speed of construction is possible.
  • Noise and air pollution is reduced
  • Lower maintenance cost.

Disadvantages of ready mixed concrete

  • This RMC is not suitable for small projects, where less quantity of concrete is required for construction.
  • The concrete should be transported within 2-3 hours after the mixing or batching process, otherwise, the concrete will start setting.
  • Traffic jams or breakdown of vehicles will create a huge problem while transporting.
  • So, It requires an effective transportation system from the batching plant to the job site.
  • Labors should be ready at the site to place the concrete on the site to avoid slumps in the mixture.


  • Ready mixed concrete is a modern technique of production of concrete in large quantities with accuracy and precision.
  • This technique is very useful for those who have sites in very congested areas and mixing on site is not possible.
  • Ready mixed concrete is a readily available material, so it is widely adopted by many people across the globe
  • It is suitable for large residential and commercial projects where time plays a key role.
  • So, RMC is economically good and gives a better finish to the structure.

FAQ’s of Ready mixed concrete

  1. What causes the shortages in supply of Ready Mixed Concrete?

    The main reasons for the shortage of concrete are because of miscalculation of structure area, deflection of formwork, Irregular settlements, etc…

  2. How can a buyer of ready-mixed concrete be assured of the quantity supplied?

    The customer has to check the weight of truck before and after loading ready mixed concrete from the batching plant (or) cross-check the slab area measurements

  3. Where this ready mixed concrete used for?

    The ready mixed concrete is used for a vast variety of applications like; civil engineering projects, roads, bridges, canals, floors, basements, etc…

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