Is there any scope of transportation engineering in 2030?

As we know Transportation is Playing a key role in our daily life. Knowing about scope of transportation engineering is crucial for us to choose either specialization or jobs etc.

Many western countries have a good Transportation system but in India only some cities have Good transportation system,

So There is a need for us to figure out whether the demand for Transportation engineers will hike in coming years.

Let’s Find out

Scope of Transportation Engineering


Transportation engineering is the application of design principles and technical skills for safe, efficient, economical and ease of movement of people and goods, etc.

Scope of Transportation Engineering

Why Transportation engineering ?

Engineers who have completed specialization in transportation engineering are required by companies to do

  • preliminary and final plans for highways,
  • bridges, drainage structures,
  • municipal utilities,
  • roadway lighting,
  • traffic control devices and
  • intelligent transportation systems

There are various jobs for transportation engineers in government departments, public and private transportation service providers and electrical & transportation engineering consultancies.

A few job profiles for Transportation Engineers are

  • Systems Engineer
  • Transportation Innovation Analyst
  • Mechanical Quantity Survey and Bill Checking Engineer
  • Transportation Planner
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Utilities Engineer
  • Senior Transportation Modeler
  • Civil Transportation Designer

For knowing more about scope of transportation engineering ,

First we have to assess the main branches in the field of Engineering

So Main Sub-Branches in Transportation engineering are

You can check out detailed explanation in wikipedia – Click here


This Handles the planning, designing and operation of Highways, roads and other pedestrians & bicycles path.

This uses the engineering principles to improve the transportation system.

This Also ensures the Safety and comfort of drivers.

Scope of Transportation Engineering
fig 1 : Highway engineering


They handle the design, Construction, and operation of railroads.

Railroad engineers can also have a specialized field of train dispatching which mainly focus on train movement control.

Railway engineers also work to build a clean and safe transportation by regular checking and bringing changes to meet future demands.

Scope of Transportation Engineering
fig 2 : Railway engineering


This Port and harbour engineers handle the Design, Construction and Operation of ports, Harbour, Canals, and other Maritime facilities.

Marine engineering is bit different and it Handles with design of ships, Boats , etc.

So there is no confusion between these.

Scope of Transportation Engineering
fig 3 : port and Harbour engineering


This Airport engineering Handles the design and construct of airports.

Based on wind direction orientation of runways are designed.

Also capacity and loading of Aeroplanes decides the width and length of runway.  

Modern Airport china
fiig 4 : Airport engineering

We have learnt the main sub-branches of Transportation engineering. Now the major important aspect which states the scope of transportation engineering or any other engineering field is,

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For this we have to study the Report which was given by Renowned Institution ,

Mc Kinsey Global Institute research organisation ( MGI ), an American company which have predicted India’ s urban population for 2030.

The Reports and study shown here are done before pandemic 2020. There might be a slight deviation in the numbers and time but these studies are apparently true.

India In 2030’s :

  • India has a young and rapidly growing population.
  • But India needs large and smart cities for meeting the global needs.
  • According to study up to 70% of new jobs will be generated by cities in 2030.
  • So this produce around 70 percent of Indian GDP, and results in total economic growth of nation.
  • This has to be handled well to reach that significant level.

Projection of India’s Urban population shown in this graph,

Population 2030 India
fig 5 : Picture shows that difference in population

India’s Urban Population In 2030’s :

This urban expansion will happen at a speed quite unlike anything India has never seen before.

It took India nearly 40 years for rise in urban population to nearly 230 million.

It will take only half the time to add the next 250 million.

cities population 2030 India
fig 6 : Image showing cities Population in 2030

What are the demands for Population Increase ?

India needs to build 350 to 400 kilo meters of metros and subways every year, more than 20 times that have achieved in past decade.

In addition, between 19,000 and 25,000 kilo meters of road lanes would need to be built every year (including lanes for bus-based rapid transit systems),

Almost equal to the road lanes constructed in the past decade

” Also It is estimated that India needs to invest $1.2 trillion just in capital expenditure in its cities over the next 20 years, equivalent to $134 per-capita per year, it is almost eight times which we are spending today “

This states the Scope of Transportation Engineering

conclusion :

  • From these studies we can expect that
  • There will be huge investments in Transportation and Infrastructure Sector due to increased population.
  • We also have to consider pandemic effect but this might effect our economy for 2-3 years.
  • Ultimately any government strives for better society and that can be achieved only through civilization. Therefore Transportation sector plays an important role.
  • If you have good interest in Transportation engineering

Choose Specialization from above mentioned sub-branches. it will be very useful.

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