Pile foundation- Definition and Types

Pile foundations have been used since prehistoric times and In order to develop a reasonable design method. Analytical and experimental studies are performed over the past four to five decades, these studies led to the development of many design methods based on various soil types, loading criteria, and environmental conditions.


self healing of concrete- Internal crack repair?

Have you ever noticed cracks on concrete? Are there any methods to remove cracks? I know you will answer only a few external methods of repairing the cracks, Is there any way that we can repair cracks internally? Have you ever heard about self healing concrete?

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Green roof systems- Are they exist?

Green roof systems are modern roofing technology which can solve many urban constraints that are quite problematic in many countries. So, In this article, we try to cover more information about Types of green roof systems, layers of green roofs, Advantages, and Disadvantages of green roof technology.


Plastic Roads- Future of Road construction?

As the plastic roads in India have been tested and are giving positive results. This technology was initially developed by an Indian engineer. So to know more about him and the theory behind this also advantages, and disadvantages of plastic roads, read the entire article carefully.


Modular construction In India

Modular construction is defined as a construction methodology that is partially built in the manufacturing plant, then bringing prefab components to the site, and installing on the foundation, after which the rooftop, exterior, and interior finishes were completed.


Top 10 New Green building materials

The uses of Green building technology in the residential sector are increasing significantly due to the rising number of building regulations and making the policies for mandating energy-efficient buildings. In some countries like China and India, they are already facing environmental issues, so the government is trying to give some incentives for energy-efficient buildings.