structure relocation in India 2021

The first structure relocation in India had in the year 1973 by the SRBL company.

It is a new technology to our Indian society and structure relocation can be of two types disassembling and assembling at the new site or transporting as a whole

simply structure relocation is the moving of a structure from one place to another without disturbing the whole structure.

structure relocation in India

What causes structure relocation in India?

  • In India, there were no big issues like natural disasters in all the regions but in some areas have its effects so relocation or lifting the structure is benefited.
  • Any historical monuments are preserved from demolishing and shifted to a safe place.
  • Due to high population density cities have to be extended and new plans and layouts are designed, so building relocation has to be done accordingly.
  • In some areas, road widening is a major issue and the building has to be moved using rollers for smaller distances.

Machines or materials used for relocation

some of them are,

Hydraulic jacks: Used for lifting the building to almost 5-6 feet. There are two types of jacks, manual using hand, and electrical jacks.

steel framework or girders: These are horizontal long steel beams that balance the whole structure.

steel sheets: These are placed below the tire and on the ground at a new site for stability and evenness.

Flatbed truck or hydraulic dollies: These are used for movement of structure from one place to another.

Cost of relocation

  • It depends on many factors and it will range from 100 INR to 500 INR per square foot.
  • In India, it costs more, because it is a new technology and very few companies are involving in this process.
  • In the future, there are chances of decreasing the cost, and structure relocation will be a part of maintenance.

Process of structure relocation

  • First, an engineer has to analyze the building and ground conditions for any necessary changes in the number of jacks to bear the load and necessary care has to be taken.
  • Then using hydraulic jack the structure is raised and unpinned from the foundation then placed on a series of steel girders.
  • These steel girders are supported by either flatbed trucks or hydraulic dollies.
  • These hydraulic dollies are of large size and can withstand heavy loads.
  • Slowly the movement of dollies begin and steel sheets were laid one by one below the tires.
  • While transporting turns, overhead wires, street lamps, etc are big problems and necessary care has to be taken.
  • Finally, after reaching the new site, the four corners are properly aligned, and by reversing the steps, the structure is lowered.

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Process of building relocation

case study of structure relocation in India

hydraulic jacks during structure relocation

A house in chittoor district in Andhra pradesh:

Rama Murthy is the owner of the house and Due to the road extension process, the government gave him notice to demolish the building.

But he approached JJ building lifting and shifting company based in Chennai and both come up with an agreement to shift the building in three months.

The new site is almost 200 feet far from the original site.

With the help of 280 hydraulic jacks and 15 skilled laborers, the building is lifted up to three feet above the ground, and using rollers the structure is moved 5-6 feet each day.

The new site is already with the foundation and the transported building is placed on it.

Source: Etv telugu


  • While lifting the building any improper calculations of loads lead to cracks and further failure.
  • skilled laborers are used for doing this type of work
  • All over height structures are removed for the ease of transportation.
  • Rising and lowering of the structure has to be done carefully.


Although cost for relocation is high but due to it’s long term benefits many engineers prefer this technology world wide.

In India, there are many companies providing building lifting and shifting services.

structure relocation in India is getting popular day by day and with the new engineering technologies in the future makes it easier to relocate.

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