Different types of masonry walls

Masonry walls are a very important part of any construction as they give better protection from the outside environment and give a nice finish to the structure, so in this article, we will try to know different types of masonry walls, that are best for your house.


Fiber roofing sheet for a home- FRP roofing sheets

In recent years the trend of roofing sheets is increasing due to more economic considerations and durability for a long time. But there are many types of roofing sheets available in the market, so how you choose the best material for your house? Is the FRP or fiber sheet for home roof is advisable or not?


Are cinder blocks still made? Cost, Size and comparison

Are cinder blocks still made? yes, as they are easy to use and saves a lot of time, these blocks are made to satisfy the needs of the customer. But we can't expect there will be a huge growth in the cinder block industry. Despite these downtrends in the market, we can use them for small residential buildings, retaining walls, and gardening purposes.


Types and Best roofing sheets for house

In this article, you will get to know the best roofing sheets for house, but we have to know the reason behind why roofing sheets? There is a significant change in the roofing sheets industry because of two reasons. One, the market growth of industrial applications in India. Secondly, consumers being dissatisfied with the available conventional options and looking for more value for their investments in roofing sheets.


Plastic Roads- Future of Road construction?

As the plastic roads in India have been tested and are giving positive results. This technology was initially developed by an Indian engineer. So to know more about him and the theory behind this also advantages, and disadvantages of plastic roads, read the entire article carefully.

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Top 10 New Green building materials

The uses of Green building technology in the residential sector are increasing significantly due to the rising number of building regulations and making the policies for mandating energy-efficient buildings. In some countries like China and India, they are already facing environmental issues, so the government is trying to give some incentives for energy-efficient buildings.